My name is Jason Bracht and I decided 10 years ago that I would use the power of the internet to support myself.

I am a full time single dad of a handsome, hilarious, and energetic 4 year old boy. I have 3 dogs and I currently live in Fort Wayne Indiana.

But lets take a step back….

It was the height of the recession, I had just got out of the military and things were not looking good. I began had one mentality when I started out – “That I would rather fail and fall flat on my face than wonder what if”

Through a series of random events I got turned on to the world of e-commerce and dropshipping. I started setting up my first online store one weekend and started making sales off of it a few weeks later.

That fateful decision has allowed me to live an interesting life and take me all over the world.

Now I run several highly successful Shopify stores, an up and coming Youtube channel, and have done really well at Kindle publishing.

I don’t come from money. I had teenage parents and was raised by my grandmother. The old cliche rings true. If I can do it. So can you!

In 2013 I started my journey with Kindle publishing and within a few short months began to find success. Quickly scaling that business up to 20,000 a month. As a result I filmed a Youtube video that people started to like. Then I started doing a lot more and as a result Youtube became a platform that I use to get my message out.

In 2015 The Hustle Project was born. With the mission of teaching people what they don’t teach you in school. Practical, real world stuff. The kind of stuff I wish I knew when I was just setting out into the world. How to make more money, be healthier, build better relationships, etc.

My story is still being written. There is still much more to see and accomplish. The motto over here at the Hustle Project is to “never stop grinding”.

That’s it for now. As things progress I will be updating this about me section.

Do me a quick favor. Comment down below your #1 goal you want to accomplish and if there is anything I can do to help.

Keep on pushing,



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